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About Dil

Hi, I'm Dil,
your glass artist

I have worked as a Doctor for 33 years, and after treating and suturing so many glass related injuries, developed a real fear of glass!


My eldest daughter, who is also a doctor, gave me a birthday gift voucher a couple of years ago for a glass-making course. She 'prescribed' it to me, suggesting that the best cure for my fear was exposure.


Ever since then, I have not only been cured of my fear, but I have also fallen in love with glass.


It fascinates me how such a cold, sharp, and dangerous material can be transformed in the kiln into something so smooth, tactile, and joyful. Now, my entire home is full of colourful glass pieces, and every little ray of light reflects from them, creating a colourful display even on the bleakest day. I have finally plucked up the courage to show some of my work via the Bromley Art Society and South London Women Artists in the past year, and I feel truly privileged, humbled, and inspired by the praise and support I have received.